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Welcome to Strictly Vanilla Minecraft.

We plan to provide you a fun safe enviroment for you to play minecraft.

We only offer a vanilla experiance when it comes to gameplay and features we produce for the server.

We need your Votes and support to continue on with the same core policy Strictly Vanilla has been built on and that is a safe place for kids and adult to play and have fun, with out the hassle.

We are currently hosted on a potato server that is run by a fat hamster so support us to make that a server run by a cyborg hamster.


Latest Features

Get your head

$10.00 USD

Get your very own head to place in game.

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Just Because

$5.00 USD

Because you love Strictly Vanilla

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Server Bill Donation

$20.00 USD

This donation is for the server bill only

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Toggle Downfall

$0.75 USD

Allows user Toggle rain off one time only

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