Started by JustJams JustJams on Jan 29, 2017

Custom WB Message Requests

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2 years ago

Purchased the 'Custom WB Message' item?

You can make a message like the one seen below:


You control everything past the [Server] but it must be: Below 100 Characters Long, Child Friendly and not be disrespectful or rude to a player in any shape or form.

You can add: Bold Spots, Underlined Spots, Strike Through Spots and Italic Spots and Colours

Requesting Template:

IGN to be set on: 

Message (Past Server):

Any Special Formatting?:

Request Example:

IGN: JustJams

Message: Just Keep Smiling :)

Any Special Formatting?: Just should be italic and aqua, Keep should be underlined and dark purple, Smiling should be bold and blue.

2 years ago

IGN to be set on: CrimsonWing

Message (Past Server): *Swooshing Noises* The Bird Returns!

Any Special Formatting?: *swooshing noises should be in grey italics, The(red italics) Bird(red bold italics) Returns!(red italics)

2 years ago

Thank you CrimsonWing your message is setup now

2 years ago

I purchased the custom WB message. I would like mine to say: The bestest diamond boy ever.
2 years ago

Thanks for purchase I have setup your welcome back message as you asked enjoy

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