Started by Bubbah69r Bubbah69r on Apr 13, 2017

Long Time No See

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1 year ago

Hey Everyone!!

Back from the dead have been a member on SV for a little wile now couple years should round it off have had multiple names over the time i have been here Kingchurr, Titian and now Bubbah69r i have had to make a new account for the forums could not remember my pass for old account and have changed my email since then so could not recover. (Maybe an Admin could delete it username: Kingchurr)

I would just like to say hi :) loving some of the new changes and not so much other's but i will still always call SV my MC home going out into the new world to start again hope i see some of my old buddies out there and make some new ones Good luck people and Have Fun!!

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