Started by JustJams JustJams on May 21, 2017

Make - a - Monster

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2 years ago

Lets make some monsters! Lets wake up the forums and create your monsters. These monsters will be for minecraft and I will be trying to create and give you the commands to spawn as many of your mobs as possible.

The format for submitting a mob is:

Mob Name:

Hostile or Passive?:

Description of the Mob:

If hostile, how does it attack?:

Interesting Features:

5 Fun Facts about your Monster:


I hope you enjoy this little fun creative game. As previously said I will be trying to create as many of the monsters you create into a command which will be given to you. *Suddenly realises that I may have to make one-command systems as I may need more then 1 mob to create your mob*

Have Fun!


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