Started by DIAMONDPRO_11 DIAMONDPRO_11 on Apr 4, 2017


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1 year ago

Sorry for contacting you but unfortunately I have been banned because my account was hacking.

I was with my friend and suddenly there was a film so our parents said that we stayed to much on the computer and so I left my computer open to go and watch the film, my older brother got the computer and installed me wurst a hack client.

Eve if my account was hacking I wasn't hacking, If you want may you please unban my account and I will promise you that it won't happen again

Your Sincerely, DIAMONDPRO_11

1 year ago

um please check my post in this topic

1 year ago

I saw your psot and im on the right server

1 year ago

Hi, I am sorry to say that as we have no proof you were not hacking we will not be unbanning you. 

Best of luck on other servers!


1 year ago

I was recently banned for flying. I've never flown hacked or cheated in any way on this server. 

1 year ago

Well i mean as my screen shot showed you were in the air for absolutely no reason and you hadnt just jumped you had been that way for a while and i have nothing that explains that. By the way the screenshot is on the discord im a little inept at getting them onto the forums if you would like to explain it in some way.

1 year ago

Well, I've never flown or cheated in any way whatsoever. I wouldn't seek a vanilla PvP server if I wanted to cheat. So you have a screen shot of me in the air?
1 year ago

yup heres a link for it on imgur

1 year ago

I know the last time I was on the server I was trying to play with a hot spot and it wasn't quite fast enough and it booted me. So I was just frozen there for a while? I can tell you that I have never flown or cheated on this server. I don't even know how to do any of that. I have vanilla Minecraft installed and I use the default launcher.
1 year ago


Using the proof I have at hand the decision has been made to not unban you.


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