Started by 0rator 0rator on May 14, 2017

Ban appeal

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2 years ago

Hello im 0rator basicly the first staff member on this server i was banned by advo and this is the ban msg "asked to nicely" please who ever sees this tell advo he will know why im banned and will hopefully appeal thanks

2 years ago

Hello 0rator,

I have decided today to unban you. You will be on probation and will get banned for even the slightest rule break.

Welcome Back ^_^

|- JustJams -|

2 years ago

Okay so I was banned for X-Ray, So I was mining for coal for my super smelter. I found a vein of coal then once I mined it as I always do when I find an ore I dig a little farther just for that extra chance and literly 2 blocks out was diamonds. Death asked if I wasn't using X-ray which I wasn't because I was using optifine. Please unban

2 years ago

Ok, so i was just standing still fighting skeletons, telling JustJams thankyou for reading my Staff Application! then i got banned! for hacking! please help i didnt hack, i loved this server, i was in the middle of something big! please!!!

2 years ago

Ray, You will not be unbanned. Fullstop

Dane, You were not taking damage from them skeletons I SPAWNED.

2 years ago

Also day gonna say that instance isn't what got you banned it was many other instances that one was completely believable or I would have banned you then

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