Started by danetwc danetwc on Jun 2, 2017

Please Read This Ban Appeal!

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2 years ago

Name: DaneTWC

Hello, i got banned a few weeks ago by JustJams, but the day after it happened my computer forgot its hardrive ( so basically it lost system 32 on its own ) so i had to get it fixed and i just got it back yesterday, I got banned for "Hacking" but i wasnt hacking, i have been playing on this server for a long time now and i really liked it, and i miss the people i played with on there, When i got banned i was walking around a player built town, and i was helping there, and it was early for me, i was standing still and began searching for music on youtube, then i came back to minecraft and i was banned, please help me, by the way i dont know if i got banned because i made two staff applications and they said they didnt want me to make a 2nd and the 2nd one got removed, if that is the reason i got banned, i am sorry, i was just exited to maybe become a Staff Member on this server, thankyou and if i dont get unbanned and who ever is reading this was a friend on myn on the server, i am sorry, i did not hack, but i hope to all of you that you have a good time and enjoy the server, Thankyou for taking your time to read this application,   

- DaneTWC ="( 

2 years ago

no you got banned because there were 3 different zombies and 2 skeletons attacking you and at no time did you ever take even a single point of damage. Beyond that when you were banned you were walking around at the time. I also tested the situation with my armor which is max and you will take damage under those circumstance without question that is why you are banned.

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