Started by Advocaite Advocaite on Jan 13, 2017

Server market Suggestions

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1 year ago

Please tell us what you would like to be sold at the market.

1 year ago

Please add all the seeds :D and maybe leather too :P

1 year ago

1 year ago

It would be cool if you added in a sign to sell stacks of cobblestone. You could make the stacks sellable for like 1$ since its so easy to get, but I always find myself having too much of it and instead of throwing it away we should be able to sell it.:D

1 year ago

ok added buy and sell for cobble you can sell a stack for 3 $ roughly 5 cents a block

you can find it near the tree logs in market ;)

1 year ago

1 year ago

Since we all need to protect our treasure, i think there will be 2 or 3 good way to use the market for this purpose :

1) sell ender chest at the market, but that mean you're also solding an ender eye wich is supposed to be hard to find because we have to find blaze to kill.

2) give acces to the ender chest at the market but of course you make player pay for using it, i don't know how much but something like $2000 seem's good. with this the market will also become a bank.

3) sell shulker chest, i guess something like 3k or 5k should be good but anyway you choose the price.

1 year ago

we will sell ender chest at market


i may re allor using of it


and we plan to sell locked shulker boxs to players by application on forum when that is ready or we can sel normal ones as wel there all planed

1 year ago

i was thinking that adding like some of the start up farming stuff like a pack that sells 10 pumpkin seed, 10 melon seeds, 10 carrots, and 10 potatoes or have one that sell 5 of each of the saplings have them cost like maybe 2000 credits or 3000 credits

1 year ago

Emerald blocks would be nice to sell since we have nothing else to do with them

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