Started by JustJams JustJams on Jan 28, 2017

What would you like?!

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2 years ago

Hello! I was wondering what you would like added/changed/removed on the server.

We really love player feedback as it helps us get better and better.


-JustJams                                                                                                                                        Administrator

2 years ago

I have really been enjoying the server since I started a few days ago.  I would like to see a finished market area witha more complete block selection (stone brick for example).  Thanks guys!


2 years ago

Hey, i would like it if the prices were lowered to a more sencable level on the server like buying 64 sand for $300 and selling it for  $6 --__-- not cool more like sell 1 stack for $20 and buy it for $35, it makes more sence and would be easier for little kids to understand, also i think that everyone should get access to the nether and the end for free, because some kids dont understand how to vote and stuff, and they might struggle to get there and just quiet, these were just a few things i think could help the server out, also there is a few chunck errors while leaving spawn that need fixing, also maybe add a Random teleport so that people dont have to swim to get out of spawn, other than that, keep up the good work, im enjoying this server, btw dont reset the map again because people started quiting because of the map reset!, cheers

2 years ago

The buy price is always 10% higher then the sell price @danetwc 


2 years ago

also keeping end and nether closed off through the voting gate way is to keep players safe from griefers who are only on for 1 day so they cant have as wide a scope of terror so we can have more people closer to spawn then other servers

2 years ago

lol I know its economy but I feel like the economy part ruins the vanilla part of SV and with economy some may see it as only making op farms and buying and selling stuff. so when they have made all the good farms they want and are rich its like now what. idk I know u cant change the ecnomy part but  i am just stating my mind.

2 years ago

The economy is what makes us different. Yes, I agree. I don't particulary like it. However, I have got used to it and to be honest its a really good idea.

2 years ago

hello, I would like to see a simple spawn added in, just rule board a rtp and mabye a clean up of spawns bc its very destroyed, have a good day, thank you.

2 years ago

I would like to lend a helping hand at making a Spawn and or Market.  so if you need help, please let me know. 



2 years ago



This is a quick building i put up last night.  I saw in game chat that you where looking for Acient rome theme for spawn.  This is like a Romain Portal room.  I am going to add more to the other side and a wall around the whole court yard.

What do you guys think?


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