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What would you like?!

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1 year ago

Look's very nice.

1 year ago

@Setti73 I really like that video you made if you can recreate that in game i can clone it to spawn area at later time and or save the object to nbt data block


1 year ago

Sure, I could recreate,  just going to need a few chest full of Quarts, Sea Lanterns, Prismarine and Dark Prismarine.  ;)    I will work on what i can from the material i have.  time to strip mine the nether :) 

Here is an updated Video,  Added a Outer wall,  and some command blocks.



1 year ago

Afternoon all,  

Ok, so i was able to get the Center building into a nbt data file.  apparently there is a size limit on the how big of a structure you can save.  its 32x32x32 if your curious.  When i find a location to put the file so you can download i will send you a link.  as for the outer wall and courtyard, I will need at least 1 stack of Sea Lanterns, I have enough stone to make the wall and outer area's  I was thinking that maybe i should build little shops on the outer wall instead of the tree's,  then you can populate with Villagers for trading.  there is a YouTube video of how to convert Chest into Villagers for making custom trades.  but i think you might know that already.   

so what do you guys think? should we have a trading posts.  also, if you want me to build the outer wall at spawn, i will need access to it.   



1 year ago

Thankyou very much , atm we are keeping spawn super simple so less command blocks less entities etc etc btu please upload the nbt file i will test it out on my single player server then upload it 

1 year ago

Have a look,  here you go.

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