Started by JustJams JustJams on Jan 25, 2017

JustJams' Admin Application

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1 year ago

Hello Reader,

My name is JustJams. I am 18 Years Old and live in the UK (I am under the UTC+00:00 timezone). I am able to play 6+ hours a day on minecraft.

I am applying for Admin because I think that I could develop my experience with command blocks and server management skills onwards to be able to apply them in any area I can. I think I could also help Advocaite alot, I know the amount of stuff he has to finish.

I have experience with multiple coding languages (Python, HTML and am learning JavaScript) and command blocks (Advocaite can confirm this). I am capable of but not limited to helping with: Donation Management, Command Blocks, Server Scripts, Server Moderating, Forum Moderating, Forum CSS Management/Setup and anything else that you wish me to do, really.

I thank you for reading my Staff Application.

I am looking forward to getting to possibly work with the current Admins to make this server better!

- JustJams 

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