Started by PrincePewnguin PrincePewnguin on Jan 28, 2017

PrincePewnguin Staff mod application

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1 year ago

Hi Advocaite, Its me PrincePewnguin.

I was hoping for Mod as I told you when you got on the server because, i can be on 5 hours monday through friday and about 9 hours on saturday and sunday. As you know I have been helping in the comminity by putting extra boats at spawn if they run out and helping people out in general. I got a Hacker banned thanks to being friends with Dungelo, and as I've told you I am very strict on cheating and how I hate it. But I also love playing the game. so If I could be mod, that would be great. 

PS: Great server and I will help out even if I wasn't Mod.



1 year ago

Hello! Thanks for Applying.

We will be adding more staff soon and we will be sure to consider you.

Best of Luck

-JustJams                                                                                                                                        Administrator

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