Started by deathloepard deathloepard on Jan 30, 2017

Deathloepard staff application

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1 year ago

username: Deathloepard

Time zone: EST but usually on in the middle of the night between midnight and 6am my time

Experience as staff: I've only ever been a staff member for strictlyvanilla i've been both a mod and warning team member on multiple occasions

Time on strictly vanilla: I've been playing on strictly vanilla for about 4 years although inactive for bits I've always returned

Why do you want to be on staff: it seems there is a lack of staff since the reset and with that i'm more then happy to help and have been since I started. I can site the rules completely off memory without a second thought and have always been greatly troubled with how people have treated each other on the server in the past 
Why would i be good for staff: I have experience and have shown i can do the job even though some of that portion was during advos inactive period i didn't enjoy working under the admins at the time i feel i would also thrive much better under the people at the top as it is now.

1 year ago

I'm gonna add you as moderator you will be able to kick and ban from with in the site online players section

1 year ago

soon as my connection improves ill add your rank in game as well

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