Started by Snowypluto Snowypluto on Feb 9, 2017

Builder Application

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12 months ago

IGN: Snowypluto

Age: 13
Are you a solo or team builder?: I can be both and work well as a team but can also build as a solo.

On a scale from 1-10 how good are your social skills?: My Social Skills are very high. I like to give every new person or someone who joins back again a warm welcome to the server.

Do you have Discord?: I will be glad to use it.

What timezone are you in? Eastern Time, America

What is your main language? English, but can also speak Spanish, French, and German

What type/style are you most comfortable building with?: Usually Modern & Mid Evil but I can fit to any style.

What is your favorite minecraft blocks to build with? Quart Pillars, Obsidian, Wood, Wool, and Magma Blocks.

Any other information we should know?: I am very loyal and will respect all opinions and will listen to all staff.

Thank You Advocite and Other staff members for reviewing my application.

-Snowypluto  P.S: Have an Amazing Day!

11 months ago

This application has been changed. Thank you


11 months ago

can you show us some screen shots of your creations please

11 months ago

This is a proof of my build.

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