Started by Snowypluto Snowypluto on Feb 9, 2017

Builder Application

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1 year ago

IGN: Snowypluto

Age: 13
Are you a solo or team builder?: I can be both and work well as a team but can also build as a solo.

On a scale from 1-10 how good are your social skills?: My Social Skills are very high. I like to give every new person or someone who joins back again a warm welcome to the server.

Do you have Discord?: I will be glad to use it.

What timezone are you in? Eastern Time, America

What is your main language? English, but can also speak Spanish, French, and German

What type/style are you most comfortable building with?: Usually Modern & Mid Evil but I can fit to any style.

What is your favorite minecraft blocks to build with? Quart Pillars, Obsidian, Wood, Wool, and Magma Blocks.

Any other information we should know?: I am very loyal and will respect all opinions and will listen to all staff.

Thank You Advocite and Other staff members for reviewing my application.

-Snowypluto  P.S: Have an Amazing Day!

1 year ago

This application has been changed. Thank you


1 year ago

can you show us some screen shots of your creations please

1 year ago

This is a proof of my build.

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