Started by 0rator 0rator on Feb 13, 2017

0rator's wonderfull staff application :D

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1 year ago

                                                                scroll down, sorry about this...













Time zone: Pacific standered

Experience as staff: I have been staff on another vanilla server Advo already knows the server, its owned by JustJams, but anyways thats just about it.

Time on strictly vanilla: for as long as it has been open, evan helped build spawn

Why do you want to be on staff:I want to be staff because I know how to use the pannel and such already for serverkart, Im active, and I have already been trusted by advo to be in gmc to get to build spawn and ect in gmc, also Im nice to others, some say to nice, but I am fun and playfull, but I can be very serios when I need to.


Exsplain th rules in your own words: To be polite to others and not be racist to to others also no hacking or cussing also no CAPS :) because it can show that your being mean and ect. No spaming or advertiseing and most of all have fun! :D


Thanks for reading this app, there is nothing I would like to add exept thanks for taking time to read this, sorry about the format, I was tired when I applyed but I wanted to so bad, but I did the best I could at 4 AM                                                                                                              



1 year ago

I think we could start you off as Warning team and go from there.

and as you show your self to be a great staff member in time you may get promoted.

If this is ok with you let me know.

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