Started by EpsilonFreak EpsilonFreak on Feb 16, 2017

EpsilonFreak's Mod Application ^-^

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1 year ago

Hey there! I'm EpsilonFreak, real name is Emma. I'm 19 years old and have been playing Minecraft since Beta days.

I've only been on the server for a week, but I have to say I've come to love all it, including the players and staff. I would like to apply for a staff position, as I have had experience in both being an admin and moderator, and running my own server. I'm an usually on during the day time hours, evening hours, and sometimes into the late night hours till 3am. If someone is breaking a rule/s, then I believe they should warned first. If it continues after multiple warnings, then an appropiate action should be taken, ie; banned or temp banned. I'm always willing to learn!

I hope you consider me a good fit for the Mod teams!




1 year ago

Thanks for the application, id like to give you a bit more time on server before I think of adding you to staff. 


All new staff must start at warning team level this is part of training and to make sure your do well before becoming a mod.


I hope you understand

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