Started by dannyboy88888888 dannyboy88888888 on Mar 24, 2017

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1 year ago

Hi, I am 17 year old boy who would like to apply for staff on your server! I am on 8 hours a day all week! Please hire me I have expirience with two other servers and would like to be staff on this one! Thanks -dannyboy88888888

1 year ago

for staff applications we like a little more detail on your app maybe explain what timezone your from,

what experiance you do have with out naming server

and we always start our staff on Warning team level they can kick players but that is all they can do there job is to rove there worthy of moderator status if you can update app  and agree to starting at bottom then we could look into adding you as we are after active players to become staff

1 year ago

Okay sure! I am in est, and have been a Mod and Admin on two other survival servers! I will never over react and handle and situation properly! Please accept me into staff! Thanks dannyboy88888888

1 year ago

ok i will talk it over with staff get there opinons on your activity and general behaviours then make my final decision 

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