Started by imran_030 imran_030 on May 28, 2017

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2 years ago

Hello, I am Imran (Imran_030) and I would like to apply for Warning Team or a higher position. I am applying because I am am very active on the server and love playing . I am most ative at most time (UTC +00:00) and usually play about 8 hours a day. I find staff are rarely on during the time I am on (JustJams does come on regulary while I am on however) and find that there are a lot of rule breakers or need for authority. I work well as a team, or by myself and listen to superiors. I always try my hardest in every situation and previous owners I have worked for have called me a credit to the team. I may not be very good command block wise or know many coding languages but I am always happy to learn and help the Admins and other staff in any way I can. I hope you enjoyed reading my application, and hopefully give you a tough time deciding whether to accept me or not. Many Thanks, Imran ( :

2 years ago

Hi Imran. Thanks for the Application.

I have decided that due to your problems with timezones to promote you to Moderator. Please discord me for a tutorial on how to do mod stuff.


2 years ago

thank you ( :

have a lovely day

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