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Please note that interdementional home and tpa does not work you must be in the same dimention for tpa to work

and in normal world for home to work.

Set Home - /trigger SetHome set 1

DelHome - /trigger DelHome set 1

Home - /trigger Home set 1

To find a player Id you must take not e of the players number in the tab list.

TPA - /trigger Teleport Set 50

the number 50 is  just a example of player ID


Economy triggers

Balance - /trigger stat set 1

To pay a player money you must do two sets of triggers

first trigger will set amount to pay for example to set 50 credits

/trigger payAmount set 50

To actually pay a player, as we do in teleport trigger we must use player ID, 50 is a example player ID

/trigger pay set 50

Market spawn - /trigger Market set 1


A book trigger will come very soon so you can get a new book and use it to click triggers.



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